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Friday, September 17, 2004 

Kobe Bryant Police Transcript

(This is different stuff than what is in ESPN, SI, AP etc, read through some of these, the first one in particular)

The Full Transcript of the Kobe Bryant Police Interview
I wish the Vail Daily news didn't edit things out...
some interesting things in particular:

Detective Winters: ... okay, hear me out, okay. Um, it’s possible that at some point that she may have told you no, I don’t want to do this, yeah you know, maybe she did lead you on a little bit and she kissed you and then she said, and then she said now, I don’t want to do ths, I don’t want this to happen. Okay.
Bryant: (Inaudible) if she said that, I stopped, nope. No semen, no nothing.
Detective Winters: Did you finish?
Bryant: No.
Detective Loya: Well there’s always pre-ejaculation are you aware of that?
Bryant: Are you kidding me?
Detective Winters: Well ...
Detective Loya: I’m not kidding you, it’s, they teach you that in seventh grade sex ed.

Detective Loya: Did you ever ask her if you wanted, if you could ...
Bryant: Yes. That’s when she said no. That’s when she said no. That’s when she said no.
Detective Loya: So what did, what did you say?
Detective Winters: What did you say, how did that, how did that come about?
Bryant: Um, you know, that’s when I asked if I could ..., she said no.
Detective Loya: So you like to ... ?
Bryant: That’s my thing, not always, I mean, so I stopped. Jesus Christ man. (Inaudible).

Detective Winters: Okay. Okay. Um, did she give you oral sex or anything like that?
Bryant: Yes, she did.
Detective Winters: She did?
Bryant: She did.
Detective Winters: For how, when did that happen?
Bryant: For like 5 seconds. I said um, give me a blow job, um, and then (inaudible) kiss it (inaudible) she gave me a blow job.
Detective Loya: So the blow job lasted about 5 seconds.
Bryant: Yeah it was quick.
Detective Loya: Then what happened?
Bryant: Wait not, I mean like she was, kept on doing, I just told her to get up (inaudible) she didn’t know what she was doing.

Detective Winters: You gonna be ready for the season?
Bryant: I don’t know man, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play this season with this ... going on. If it becomes public I’ll lose my wife. ...
Detective Loya: How long have you been married?
Bryant: ... and all my endorsements.
Detective Loya: How long have you been married?
Bryant: Two years. My wife and daughter, them mean everything man, everything man, up an until now (inaudible).
Detective Loya: Well, did you think about that before what you were doing though? It’s a chance you take when you play.

Bryant: No. I stopped (inaudible), I stopped.
Detective Winters: When did she, when did you stop, what, what made you stop?
Bryant: Well I asked her about the ... thing and she was like no, I don’t know.
Detective Loya: How many times did you ask her?
Bryant: Once.
Detective Winters: Okay, all right, okay. You said, when, did it stop at that point?
Bryant: Um, did I stop? (Inaudible) She went like this (inaudible), I asked her if I could ... and she was like no um, I thought she was cool, you know, I stopped. I stopped pumping and uh, I just, I just stood there like this (inaudible) and um, then she just moved like this.
Detective Loya: And what happened from there, where did she go?
Bryant: Nothing. She was like um, can I have a couple autographs. You know what um, (inaudible) I’ll give them, I’ll give them to you tomorrow. The pen’s still there, the pen and the paper she handed to me are still here.

Detective Winters: And I understand, and just let me finish okay. So one you lied to us, okay, that doesn’t help. Two, um, then, then we confront this issue and you seemed a little bit skeptical in the details of exactly what happened throughout the entire incident okay. I’m not saying you’re a person that would do something like this okay. I agree with you, I agree that you got caught up in the moment. Okay. No doubt about it, you know, no doubt about it whatsoever. What I think you got caught up in also Mr. Bryant, is that, and I agree, I, I completely agree you, it was consensual up to the point of the hugging and kissing issue I agree, completely consensual. I have no issues with that whatsoever. What I, what I’m being, what I’m skeptical on is that I don’t know how consensual the sexual intercourse was. Okay. I don’t, I don’t, I guess to be honest with you I’m not sure, I’m not sure, if we’re getting all the facts presented to us as far as exactly what happened. See this is the way I look at it, I you know, I look at it this way, she’s an attractive young lady okay.
Bryant: She wasn’t that attractive.

But being caught up in the moment (stutter in tape) even though she told you no, you know, I’m not comfortable doing this, you know, I think you tried, you know, just wanted to finish okay.
Bryant: I didn’t finish a ... thing.
Detective Winters: And I know it stopped at a certain point okay, um ...
Detective Loya: By, by no means do we think that you’re ...
Bryant: Matter of fact.
Detective Winters: Go ahead.
Bryant: I (inaudible) ... when she left. (Inaudible).

Detective Winters: Has this ever happened before?
Bryant: Um, yes, with one other person. And she could actually testify I do that um, I do the same thing, I hold her from the back, I put my hands (inaudible).
Detective Loya: And who’s that other person?
Bryant: (inaudible) Her name is Michelle. (Inaudible).
Detective Loya: And this is somebody you frequent or one time incident or ...?
Bryant: No. She’s a, she’s a frequent (inaudible).
Detective Loya: And your wife...

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