Saturday, July 29, 2006 

"Spoiled Brat"

Hah, image from

Smoking Gun Story
Hollywood Big Blasts Lohan

Friday, July 28, 2006 

Better Know a District

Eleanor Holmes Norton on the Colbert Show last night

(Eleanor Holmes Norton rules)

Some of us feel certain that Norton was trying to play along with the gag and was simply edited in an unflattering manner — others are making the case that she didn't quite grasp the satire Colbert was going for. However you want to see it, the Norton vs. Colbert showdown was one for the ages. The question of whether Stephen Colbert is "plain vanilla" or "french vanilla" will keep us up at night for weeks.

Thursday, July 27, 2006 

JJ Redick Jersey


JJ Redick DUI jersey on Ebay

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

Arrested Development Syndicated

Once, Twice, Three times the Bluths

HDNet will begin airing episodes in September, G4 in October, and MSN at some point later this year.


The Hoff

David Hasselhoff Ad.....


Be an Expert on Anything

Be an Expert on Anything : by Stephen Colbert

DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE THINGS UP. Never fear being exposed as a fraud. Experts make things up all the time. They’re qualified to.

DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF TO CURRENT KNOWLEDGE. If you worry too much about being up-to-date, you miss out on vast territories of obsolete knowledge just waiting to be reclaimed. Think of leech-craft and all the lonely experts in the use of the little creatures, which are now experiencing a renaissance in health care.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

Fox News is ridiculous!

Fox News Edits a Democrat to Make Him Look Worse

*Update*: So after watching The Colbert Report last night, it looks like other shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show basically did the same yeah, in this instance, all news media is ridiculous.

Monday, July 24, 2006 

Change of Heart

staring The Game:


cries like a baby
really sensitive
smothers her


"and i run faster too"

from dan adams (though really...i saw it this weekend and waited til i got home to post....yeah)

Friday, July 21, 2006 

White House transcript scrubs

Bush Heckled - Transcript Inadvertantly Funny

THE PRESIDENT:] We’ll work together, and as we do so, you must understand I understand that racism still lingers in America. (Applause.) It’s a lot easier to change a law than to change a human heart. And I understand that many African Americans distrust my political party.

AUDIENCE: Yes! (Applause.)

(yeah read the wonkette story to get the context)


Morris Brown

New Outkast Video!!!
(I wanted one for The Mighty O though...)


Daily Show Revisits Net Neutrality

"umm, what type of computer would you be?"

The Daily Show revisits the issue of network neutrality. Featuring John "Im a PC" Hodgman, who explains the issue for us.


Two Years Now

Today is the two year anniversary of this blog.....and for the record

1) GDub still sucks
2) You all that voted for him still suck
3) Google still rules
4) YouTube is the greatest thing EVER
5) I think I'm up to like 4 readers now, woo hoo!

Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Fear the Turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer


Top 11 Chappelle Show Skits

(from John)

Cracked. com Top 11 Chappelle Show Skits of All Time -- with YouTube videos of each of course

My personal #1:

I also love Black George Bush:
HIGHLIGHTS: [To the U.N.] “If you have a problem with that, you know what you should do? You should sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh, wait a minute, you don’t have an army. I guess that means you need to shut the fuck up.”

and Black Klan Leader:
CATCHPHRASES OVERUSED BY WHITE PEOPLE: Actually, we’re pretty certain no white people were stupid enough to use the phrases from this sketch.


Human Pong/Space Invaders

From DMa and Dan Adams:

Human Space Invaders

Human Ping Pong


Little girl expresses her opinion

about Bush's first veto:


Will Ferrell - Dubya

I posted this sometime in '04 (prolly in stage 2 of this blog), but since John just sent me the YouTube link, and I am on the YouTube lovefest stage of this blog, I might as well repost


Tetris Building?


Yeah I've been lazy

not too much interesting stuff this heres some random articles:

Jonathan Chait: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?

Since Blacks went all high class, this is the new place my friends will be hitting up for Monday Night Football

Phone giants join forces to land Metro communications contract
If the proposal is successful, wireless phone and wireless Internet devices from the four companies — Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile, Cingular and Verizon — and others would function at station platforms, tunnels and bus stops throughout the region, according to sources close to negotiations between the companies.

Monday, July 17, 2006 

Top 10 Unintentionally worst company urls

The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs

1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is

8. Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. Their website is

10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at



BUSH: “What they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit.”



but..... hes gay

(from DMa)


Random GDub

(stolen from Fancy Robot)

Friday, July 14, 2006 

John Stewart, Novak, Hannity - YouTube

I just watched this on my dvr and I love YouTube for being able to find it 30 seconds later....i love this for the Hannity clips:


Colbert on Conan

This was recommended by Scott, with the suggestion to watch it before stupid NBC takes it I'm posting it before I even watch it myself

part 1:

part 2:

Thursday, July 13, 2006 

"The Internets"

John Stewart on Net Neutrality and Internet Gambling

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 

Greatest Video game Athlete EVER

From Ernst:

A Typical Run for Tecmo Bo

YouTube Version :)




"The virtual car has four gears and each gear is controlled by a little seesaw in the urinal. The game starts when you start peeing on one of them. A monitor shows a dashboard with current speed and RPM and you can hear the engine sound. The virtual car keeps accelerating until you stop peeing. The only thing you have to do is switch gears at the right moment, and keep peeing of course."


Colbert Report - Amy Sedaris

Caroline: oh chris... did you see the clips from the colbert report last night?
because you should deifnitly put them in your blog

Chris: nah

Caroline: why?
it is so funny!

Chris: didnt see em i mean
didnt watch last night

Caroline: oh
it is just an interview till the end
last 3 minutes are ridiculous

Monday, July 10, 2006 

Multiplayer Asteroids

Kinda cool:

Multiplayer asteroids


Ann Coulter on Adam Carolla's Radio show

kinda amusing, listening to the audio of the clip is funny

Adam Carolla hangs up on Ann Coulter

On yesterday’s Adam Carolla radio show, Ann Coulter called in to the show an hour and a half late, then told the host "I am really tight on time."Carolla responded, "All right, well get lost" and then hung up on her mid-sentence.



"and kept feeding me, and feeding me , and feeding me"

*update* better quality video

Horrible quality video and the sound is all messed up ,but DAMN did this make me laugh
(you gotta be a wu tang fan to get this)

(Method Man lyrics for people who didn't get the reference)


Lost Mac Ads

From VH1s Best Week Ever:

Friday, July 07, 2006 

Bigg ass Lost Map

yeah, what the title says:

Geographical Study of Lost

Thursday, July 06, 2006 


From Jo:

cool idea, though the website currently is in beta and only shows data from boston and seattle

Airfares made easy:

You squeeze into your seat in the airliner, buckle up and then, against your best judgment, you start asking your seat mates what they paid for their airfare.

That's what Oren Etzioni did on a flight in 2002 and he discovered that, of course, others paid less for their tickets. Even worse, said Mr. Etzioni, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, "they bought later than I did."

Mr. Etzioni, the brains behind such early Internet companies as MetaCrawler, a search engine, and Netbot, an online comparison shopping service, decided this was a situation computers could address. All he would need is a mountain of data to mine for information about seat supply and demand and an algorithm to predict how the airlines' algorithms were going to price those seats.

A brief student project proved that, indeed, computers could be far more reliable than a Magic 8-Ball. So Mr. Etzioni helped to create Farecast, an airfare search engine that also predicts how much the price of an airline ticket will rise or fall over the coming days (


Farecast could become a great tool for consumers because it uses much the same techniques that airline computers have used to extract the maximum amount of money from the flying public. It is the latest Web site to harness cheap computing power to hazard predictions on all sorts of everyday things and make the data available to consumers.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Lean wit it, rock wit it

this had me laughing at my desk:
(note: the audio is the uncensored version of the song)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Penguin Dance

I love YouTube and I love



if you haven't seen already - f'ing awesome:

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