Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Coach Kommercial

Quality flash video from the News & Observer:

Coach Kommercial


Soccer team trades player ... for meat

(from Deadspin):

Soccer team trades player ... for meat

"We are upset because we lost twice — firstly because we lost a good player and secondly because we lost our team’s food for a whole week" said a Regal Horia official.


Peter Griffin reads the top 10 on Letterman

youtube.com is great

Top 10 things, I, Peter Griffin, would like to say to America

#2 is the best.

I promise I'll stop posting so much youtube.com stuff....maybe

Monday, February 27, 2006 

Jordan XX1 Commercial

Sheila told me about this commercial....and damn is it good..(in general, searches for Michael Jordan on youtube.com are sooooo quality)

after you watch that, now watch this:


Microsoft - iPod packagaing

If Microsoft designed the iPod packaging... (note: this will only be slightly humorous to computer dorks. therefore prolly only maybe justin and colin should click on this....of course, thats also everyone who reads this blog, so no need for the note)

Friday, February 24, 2006 

Fantasy Football....

Championship Rings...

I want one for my 2002-2003 AOL Fantasy Football Title (Back In Maryland - #1)

(link via Kyle - you really should update your blog and put stuff like this on it so i dont have to)


AOL News Rules

(from Wonkette)

Thursday, February 23, 2006 

"Hoop Dream for Autistic Player"

Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams Come True

(CBS) It was the stuff of Hollywood, but it was real.

Senior Jason McElwain had been the manager of the varsity basketball team of Greece Athena High School in Rochester, N.Y.

McElwain, who's autistic, was added to the roster by coach Jim Johnson so he could be given a jersey and get to sit on the bench in the team's last game of the year.

Johnson hoped the situation would even enable him to get McElwain onto the floor a little playing time.

He got the chance, with Greece Athena up by double-digits with four minutes go to.

And, in his first action of the year, McElwain missed his first two shots, but then sank six three-pointers and another shot , for a total of 20 points in three minutes.

Check out the CNN Video:
Autistic hoopster scores 20 points in 4 minutes


MD Fans...

If you're angry and depressed like I am...just check out TerrapinClips.com, click on "clips" then on the MD bball videos...Sportscenter highlites of the 02 championship, Blake's steal of Jason Williams in Cole, winning the ACC Tourney, hell even the Drew Nicholas UNC Wilmington shot (bc hey, it was the tourney, and we're not going back there this year)...

I miss Dixon, Blake, Mouton, Wilcox and Baxter...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

2006 NBA Dunk Contest

Iguodola was robbed..(damn was that behind the backboard dunk nice)


Tobias Funke

For the Arrested Development fans, "Free with purchase of any other book (or magazine)"

(from Kyle)



Slate.com Bushism of the day:

"And I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company."—Defending a plan to allow a company from the United Arab Emirates to manage ports in the United States, aboard Air Force One, Feb. 21, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Gmail Sponsored links

I'm not happy that this was one of my sponsored links on Gmail...in the webclips on top....and I like how I get this one right after I get an email about a friend whos expecting to deliver next week
(again in the webclips while I'm viewing my inbox, not even the web ads on the right while I'm viewing a message)

Sunday, February 19, 2006 


Does everyone hate this new template? Do I gotta go back to the black one? I got tired of that old one....

Friday, February 17, 2006 

Harry Whittington's Blog

Harry Whittington's Blog

Sample entry:

Have you ever been in a situation
where somebody you thought was your friend did something that hurt you very much, and then they tried to blame it on you? And then that person waited 18 hours to report it to the media, and that person's colleagues tried to make a joke out of it, until you had a heart attack? Just wondering.


More Dick Cheney Stuff

(via Sheel)

Dick Cheney Tshirts and stuff


Donald Schaefer

Good ol Donald Schaefer...
Watch the Video linked on the right of the page.

"She's a pretty little girl," the 84-year-old Democrat told reporters. "The day I don't look at pretty women is the day I die."

Niyi (1:44:29 PM): hes got my vote

(via Dan Adams)

Thursday, February 16, 2006 

3 days

From Wonkette:


White People....

A news story about a white teacher who called one of his student the "n word"....
This is supposed to be a serious story, but the teacher is hilarious!

(use headphones)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

MD Basketball..

I hate you.
That is all.

(stolen from my MD message board)

(oh yeah, MD football, you suck too)


More Cheney Shooting Stuff

Quality reenactment of the Cheney shooting in this Daily show Clip (~ 2:15 in).


Cheney Jokes

(Via Dan Adams' away message)

TV Comedians Target Cheney Accident

"We can't get Bin Laden, but we nailed a 78-year-old attorney."

"That's the big story over the weekend. ... Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter, a 78-year-old lawyer. In fact, when people found out he shot a lawyer, his popularity is now at 92 percent."

Monday, February 13, 2006 

For Future Reference...

Eh, I found this funny...


The good MD basketball team...

got an article in usa today.

Frese points Terrapins women on road toward top

The No. 6 Terps (22-2) are a program on the rise, off to their best start in 17 years, with losses only to then-No. 1 Tennessee (Nov. 26) and then-No. 2 Duke (Jan. 8). Maryland is coming off a Thursday road win against previously unbeaten and No. 1 North Carolina and gets a chance at revenge Monday night on the road against No. 2 Duke.

"We still have growing up to do," says Shay Doron, a junior and key member of Frese's first recruiting class. "But we grew up a lot against Carolina. To pull out a game like that (down 14 points with 12 minutes left) shows a maturity, shows how far we've come in a couple of weeks."


George Bush doesn't.....

(if you didn't watch Arrested Development - you suck)


Free Online Olympic Coverage

If you're interested in the Winer Olympics... (I'm not)

U.S. Can Watch Olympics Online

NEW YORK -- NBC is significantly expanding its Olympics video offerings for the internet and cell phones, a sure sign of its increased comfort with technologies that erect geographic boundaries online.

The network's official Olympics site, NBCOlympics.com, will show for free, on a delayed basis, the complete runs and routines for the top finishers and for all U.S. participants in almost every event, with highlights provided for team sports like hockey, said Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics.

Friday, February 10, 2006 

Chuck Norris Facts

You can now get your Chuck Norris Facts on t-shirts:

Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Another Google Tool

Interesting...sounds useful...except for that nice caveat:

Google software allows remote access to PCs

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Google Inc. is offering a new tool that will automatically transfer information from one personal computer to another, but anyone wanting that convenience must authorize the Internet search leader to store the material for up to 30 days.


Arrested Development Season (Series?) Finale

8pm-10pm tomorrow. Watch it. Bitches.


Mark Cuban Rules

Cuban's response to Phil Jackson bitching that Cuban intimidates the refs

I Own Phil Jackson

Not literally of course. That thrill belongs to the smartest businesswoman in professional sports, Jeannie Buss. Figuratively however, the coach formerly known as the Zen Master must now be considered my bucket boy.

This wasnt an acquisition I proactively pursued. There wasnt an official competition that I won, thereby confirming my dominance of his psyche. Instead Phil has initiated an ongoing commentary about me that started in his previous stint with the Lakers and was reinstated this year with his return, that proves that I own the guy.

For whatever reason, I have gotten to Phil so completely and thoroughly that every time he comes to Dallas he has to offer unsolicited
comments about me to the media. I wonder if he dreams about me the nights he spends here in Dallas. Ok, I dont wonder. Im curious about it.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Just for the hell of it

Kwame Brown Sucks


Cool USB Stuff

More cool USB devices...

USB Cuffs:

Small and plain, usb-sticks are often forgotten, still sticking to the computer or just lost somewhere on the way.

But in a symbiosis with jewellery the little item gets a big value. Also, it completes the personal outfit as a fashionable accessory.

The cuff, made of sterling silver, is beautifully functional. A usb-stick with such a value is never forgotten – guaranteed.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 


F the DC City Council

Update: Thats what I get for going to sleep before 1am. The Council ended up voting again and voted for the Stadium....they still suck anyway though


Quality editorial about the stupid political posturing bullshit that is screwing up the Nationals and really DC all together:

No Joy in Mudville:

The only folks who want a team here are the 2.7 million fans who paid to attend games last season, the businesses that were prepared to build a whole new city neighborhood in Southeast, and the few city politicians who saw that this was a way to expand the tax base and help lift all boats in the District.

Those who didn't want the Nationals here: A small contingent of protesters who resented the idea that suburbanites might want to come into town and spend big money here and a handful of politicians who couldn't see that even the tough deal that baseball made would have meant a mint to the District. The political calculus was poisoned by political ambitions, the rancid mix of race and class issues that so often spoils progress in Washington, and the failure of all parties to make the effort to sell the deal to the public.


This was never about money. That was proven tonight, because the decision to reject the lease means that baseball will take the city to arbitration and eventually to court, and because baseball has a signed contract, baseball will win, and the city will have to pay enormous penalties. Everyone on the council knows that, yet they decided to stuff baseball anyway. They did it for the headlines. They did it for the rabblerousers. They will say they did it to save money, but they won't save money. They will lose more money than this deal was ever worth, both in terms of penalties paid to baseball, higher costs if they are eventually forced to build a stadium and, most important, an incalculable loss of future business. Who in their right mind would now do business with the District of Columbia?


Random Tuesday Stuff

Apple released a new 1Gig iPod Nano.

Google integrates chat with Gmail.

Monday, February 06, 2006 

As if we needed another reason to hate Duke
(which was linked from deadspin.com)

Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Weird USB Devices

Top 10 Weird USB Devices...

I seriously want the air darts one...whenever it gets back in stock, its mine.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

David Cross on Carson Daly

description from yourtube.com:
cross and the kids from arrested development stage a mock "how to be interviewed" class. while daly attempts to interview cross, the kids take notes and cross continually talks to them before answering daly's questions.


Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness about Human-Animal Hybrids

(from Wonkette)


"And people are stupid"

Skating with Celebrities improves on Arrested Development’s ratings by 183 percent


The lesson here: Cheap, creatively dry knock-offs can succeed. And people are stupid.


Worst Person in the World

Keith Olbermann once again awards Bill O'Reilly the "Worst Person of the World" award. (It's a very entertaining video)

"by the way, let us leave our bosses out of this bill or i'll have to call yours, and you know how much satan hates to be disturbed while american idol is on"

"unless that is, that unprofessional behavior is with one of your female producers on the phone"

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