Thursday, November 30, 2006 


From Scott:

McDonalds Drive Thru Freestyle


Wii Have A Problem

a blog of wii accidents



Kansas Outlaws Practice of Evolution:

TOPEKA, KS—In response to a Nov. 7 referendum, Kansas lawmakers passed emergency legislation outlawing evolution, the highly controversial process responsible for the development and diversity of species and the continued survival of all life.

"From now on, the streets, forests, plains, and rivers of Kansas will be safe from the godless practice of evolution, and species will be able to procreate without deviating from God's intended design," said Bob Bethell, a member of the state House of Representatives. "This is about protecting the integrity of all creation."





What you all miss if you don't go to the games:

The Defense loves "Walk it out"

(From the AOL FanHouse)

DJ Unk's song video "Walk it Out" has become a part of this Redskins team. Whenever the song (or a few other songs of it's nature) begins blaring during a stoppage of time there's a good chance you'll see the defense begin to dance. A while back I posted the YouTube video showing Carlos Rogers, Sean Taylor, and Marcus Washington getting loose during a television timeout. Now it looks as if the trend is spreading throughout the defensive unit, clearly their resurgent defensive performance was a result of Unk's beats and not Gregg's schemes. Via two of my favorite local bloggers (Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog and Chris Mottram of Saved By the Blog) comes this week's video of the festivities. You may be able to tell that this time the crowd was immediately responsive (I walked it out from the seated position).


Multiculturalism is EVIL

That Uppity Democratic Muslim!

First we had Glenn Beck, now it's Dennis Prager. Rep. Ellison wants to take his oath of office with his hand on the Koran. Now all hell has broken loose among the wingnuts.

Multiculturalism is coming! Multiculturalism is coming!

The Original Article:
America, Not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on
(Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of the article)

Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the first Muslim elected to the United States Congress, has announced that he will not take his oath of office on the Bible, but on the bible of Islam, the Koran.

He should not be allowed to do so -- not because of any American hostility to the Koran, but because the act undermines American civilization.

First, it is an act of hubris that perfectly exemplifies multiculturalist activism -- my culture trumps America's culture. What Ellison and his Muslim and leftist supporters are saying is that it is of no consequence what America holds as its holiest book; all that matters is what any individual holds to be his holiest book. ...

But these naive people do not appreciate that America will not change the attitude of a single American-hating Muslim by allowing Ellison to substitute the Koran for the Bible. In fact, the opposite is more likely: Ellison's doing so will embolden Islamic extremists and make new ones, as Islamists, rightly or wrongly, see the first sign of the realization of their greatest goal -- the Islamicization of America.


Back to the original article:

This is just the beginning.

I don't know if you saw "Hardball" today, but Ed Rogers insinuated that Barack Obama is Muslim, through the use of his middle name, which is Hussein. However, when Rogers threw it out he said it like it were profane. C&L has the video. There is going to be racist swiftboating of Barack Obama like we've never seen if he decides to run in '08, but the religious bigotry now on parade is equally heinous and anti-American. For future reference, what Republicans intend to do is blast Obama's full name across airwaves hoping that average Americans will be turned off by "Hussein," playing the religious bigotry card on top of everything else they'll throw at him.

The video:

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

Wii lovefest

Pete (3:11:19 PM): no posts in a week?
Chris (3:11:24 PM): im not motivated

Playstation 3 v Nintendo Wii from The Onion
Attribute PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii
Cost Fucking ridiculous Reasonably ridiculous
Ability to tear apart families Second-to-none Pretty strong, though mostly because everyone wishes it were a PlayStation instead
The way your peers will view you "Dude! Can I come over and play that shit?" "I'll come over, but don't tell anybody, okay?"

The Mii Lebowski:

Time for another break from blogging

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

More Wii injuries

Watch this happen to me, Rowe or Kyle...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 



Stupid Americans Part 50

Reading shit like this honestly makes me angry...and this is just some small random story:

Six Muslims Removed From Flight for Praying

MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 21) - Six Muslim imams were removed from a US Airways flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Monday and questioned by police for several hours before being released, a leader of the group said.

The six were among passengers who boarded Flight 300, bound for Phoenix, around 6:30 p.m., airport spokesman Pat Hogan said.

A passenger initially raised concerns about the group through a note passed to a flight attendant, according to Andrea Rader, a spokeswoman for US Airways. She said police were called after the captain and airport security workers asked the men to leave the plane and the men refused.


Three of them stood and said their normal evening prayers together on the plane, as 1.7 billion Muslims around the world do every day, Shahin said. He attributed any concerns by passengers or crew to ignorance about Islam.

"I never felt bad in my life like that," he said. "I never. Six imams. Six leaders in this country. Six scholars in handcuffs. It's terrible."

Monday, November 20, 2006 

Fox News Stuff

From Wonkette (the ipod story is also on Digg):

Irony died of exhaustion

"I don’t own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod… If this is your primary focus in life - the machines… it’s going to have a staggeringly negative effect, all of this, for America… did you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a conversation with them? …I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there."


"Meanwhile, Fox News says it’s got a new show that’s just like “The Daily Show,” but making fun of liberals."'s Soap!

(Another link from Justin)

Poop Soap


Console Wars & The Ladies of eBay

(From Justin)

Console Wars & The Ladies of eBay

"Just when I thought the new console launch antics couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Alexi and I noticed women of ebay posing provocatively — presumably to boost sales."

I like the first comment:
"Brings new meaning to Ho, Ho, Ho."



What I'm scared of happening with my Wii:

Wiimote v Television

(original source = Something Awful)

Friday, November 17, 2006 

DEA Agent

i dont know how i haven't seen this video before:

"I'm the only one in the room that I know of that's professional enough to carry a Glock .40."


Paris Hilton - "A piece of shit"

from The Superficial a US magazine transcript of Tina Fey on Howard Stern...

On Paris Hilton:
HS: What is Paris Hilton like?

TF: She's a piece of sh-t. The people at SNL were like maybe she'll be fun, maybe she won't take herself so seriously. She takes herself so seriously! She's unbelievably dumb and so proud of how dumb she is. She looks like a tranny up close.

HS: Was she bad on SNL, was she hard to deal with?

TF: She was awful. People never come in and say "I'm not doing that." So, this guy Jim Downey wrote a really really funny sketch, it was supposed to be Lorne Michaels just finding out that she had a sex tape and telling her she couldn't host the show because SNL has standards... So she was like "I'm not doing it!" and refused to come out of her dressing room. Also, you would walk down the hall and find what just looked like nasty wads of Barbie hair on the stairs... Her hair is like a Fraggle.

HS: Did she give you ideas for sketches?

TF: Yeah, she wanted to make fun of all the girls she hates. She was like "I want to play Jessica Simpson, I hate her." She would come in the room and say "you should do a show about Jessica Simpson because she's fat."

HS: What was the bet you guys had going about her?

TF: The cast had a bet if she would ask anyone on the cast anything about themselves, you know like how are you? where are you from? anything. I think Seth Meyers won because at one point, she asked him if Maya Rudolf was Italian.


Faux News Channel

(outfoxed is a great netflix rental btw)

The Memo


Glenn Beck - Idiot

Olbermann awarded Beck "Worst Person" for saying he "feel[s]" like asking first Muslim congressman to "prove to me that you are not working with our enemies"

Umm, this Ken Ellison dude...born in Detroit...American...just happens to be Muslim...didnt know that all Muslims are our enemies... (fucking idiot)

oh and americans that "think the same" are fucking idiots also

Beck characterized letter criticizing Al Qaeda as "surprising," because "the man who wrote it is a Muslim"

Thursday, November 16, 2006 

Stupid Americans

I was greeted with this story on this morning:
(yes i look at, i mean..i do work here...)

Anyone who watched the last 2 weeks of Studio 60 should find the town name interesting...

Town Bans Foreign Flags Flying Alone

The elected town board in the remote Mojave Desert community voted 3-2 on Tuesday to enact an ordinance making it illegal to fly a foreign nation's flag by itself.

Flying another country's flag, whether it is a British Union Jack or the flag of Mexico, is punishable by a $50 fine and 30 hours' community service, unless it is flown below an American flag.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

NBA Players to Watchin in 2006-07

Image blatantly stolen from The Onion - which you should be checking:

(Guess which one is my favorite)


Worst Burglar Ever

This was on digg, but i never clicked on it til Drew told me to, definitely a good watch (theres no sound btw)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Ridiculous Rap Impressions

(from Marcus)
Aries Spears on a radio show doing some ridiculous rap impressions.

(seriously, its pretty damn cool)

oh, if it just shows a white background, click on it and it should start playing, i think college humors embeded code might suck

Monday, November 13, 2006 

Mark Brunell Sucks

If you didn't listen to 980 this morning (and I can understand why you wouldn't) Czabe has started a mini brouhaha over asking this question:
(it was actually edited out of Comcasts replay later that night...I dont really understand why...well yeah I do, the Redskins & Danny Boy are powerful)

though i liked this question too:


Awesome TShirt


Maryland Republicans....

GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy
Md. Tactics Similar To Ones in 2002

On board, 300 mostly poor African Americans from Philadelphia ate doughnuts, sipped coffee and prepared to spend the day at the Maryland polls. After an early morning greeting from Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s wife, Kendel, they would fan out in white vans across Prince George's County and inner-city Baltimore, armed with thousands of fliers that appeared to be designed to trick black Democrats into voting for the two Republican candidates.

The glossy fliers bore photos of black Democratic leaders on the front. Under the headline "Democratic Sample Ballot" were boxes checked in red for Ehrlich and Senate candidate Michael S. Steele, who were not identified as Republicans. Their names were followed by a long list of local Democratic candidates.

The worst part of this story IMO:

Republican leaders have defended the Election Day episode as an accepted element of bare-knuckle politics.

I hate politics....I hate that this story will be forgotton/ignored by tomorrow

Thursday, November 09, 2006 

Mario in Vice City


Soundscan CD sales report

XXL story that I got from deadspin (well really idolatr) that lists the Soundscan sales of 10 debut albums from last week....quality:

Judgement Day: YN Presents His First Annual Coaster Countdown

10: Ron Artest My World
SoundScan: 1
One? How’d you only sell one CD especially when millions of people seen you beatdown some crackers at a basketball game.

7: Lil Romeo Greatest Hits
SoundScan: 161

1: Kevin Federline Playing With Fire
SoundScan: 6,485

(i think K-Fed debuted in 155th place on the soundscan top 200)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

Colbert Calls it Quits

"The people have spoken, and apparently they're tired of Freedom"

Colbert Rules:

Colbert Calls it Quits

The Colbert Report - 11/07/06: Mr Colbert gets mad over the recent election results and says good bye america.


Midterm Election

Republicans Blame Election Losses On Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC—Republican officials are blaming tonight's GOP losses on Democrats, who they claim have engaged in a wide variety of "aggressive, premeditated, anti-Republican campaigns" over the past six-to-18 months.

(The Onion)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 

Time 2006 Best Inventions

Time Best Inventions 2006

Really I post this just because of the Invention of the Year.... YouTube lovefest baby!

(kangaroo tv which they only mention being for Nascar is kinda cool for football games too, the dude in front of us at the Skins-Cowboys game this past weekend had it and we caught some replays over his shoulder)

Scott mentioned this interesting floating mattress to a few of us today at lunch (only $1.5 mil)

Monday, November 06, 2006 


if true...very f'ed up
(saw this a couple places -, dailykos etc, but no major news outlets)

The GOP's nasty dishonest robo-call barrage

What we're seeing is an apparent coordinated effort from the NRCC -- the House GOP committee -- to place calls that appear to be from the local Democratic candidate and then automatically call the same number back as many as seven or eight times each time the caller hang-ups. If the caller listens to the whole message it goes on to bash the Democratic candidate. But if the caller hangs up prematurely, the computer calls right back. Hang-ups are the achilles heal of robo-calls. So this seems to be an attempt to cover for that weakness by making those who hang up think the Democratic candidate is basically harassing them with phone calls. The GOP wins either way.


Photos from todays Post

Chris: i swear, i was staring at it for like a minute bc i was wondering if my mind was dirty or something


Operation Enduring Occupation

Sunday, November 05, 2006 


It was a safety dammit:

Friday, November 03, 2006 

GDub - World Threat

(image and story from

Wonkette Story: Any Press Is Good Press
The citizens of America’s four closest allies — Britain, Israel, Canada and Mexico — have shown their solidarity by naming Osama bin Laden as the biggest threat to world peace, with majorities choosing the Saudi millionaire.

But George W. Bush comes in a strong second in all four countries!

The Guardian Story:
Polls: Majorities in Britain, Mexico think Bush more dangerous than leaders of Iran, North Korea

LONDON: Majorities of people polled in two of America's closest allies think U.S. President George W. Bush is a bigger threat to world peace than North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, pollsters said Friday.


Next Metro Train

Instead of just publishing the expected schedule of trains (which has messed me up in the past) metro's website now has real time information on when the next departing train is (the page gives you the same information as the signs on the platforms)....and the best part for dorks like me with phones like the Motorola Q - is that they have a mobile version of it.

Washington Post: Web Lets Riders See Train Times From Afar


Playing with Fire

(from reddit)

Notice the tags and user reviews given to the quality debut album from KFed

Sample Tags:
talentless (14)
garbage (11)
laughable (11)
hack (10)
idiot (10)

Thursday, November 02, 2006 

Colbert - YouTube

(if you didn't see wednesday)

Colbert talks about YouTube

(strangely, its not especially funny)


Political Ads rant on republican political ads and their lack of truth...
IMO - like 75% of political ads (from both sides) are bullshit, with quotes taken out of context, blatant lies, made up statistics (like my 75% # above) etc etc

How Republicans poisoned politics

Last week, I turned on the TV set in a hotel room in Phoenix. The first commercial I saw, for Rick Renzi, a vulnerable Republican congressman, was an effusion of pure political poison. In a voice rancid with contempt, the announcer declared:

Over 100 Democratic elected officials are opposing Democrat trial lawyer Ellen Simon. Liberal Ellen Simon served as the president of the ACLU, a radical organization that defends hard-core criminals at the man/boy love association, a national group that preys on our children. One Democratic mayor called Simon's actions "utterly disgusting." He's right. Ellen Simon: radical, liberal and wrong for Arizona.

While hearing this, the viewer sees just key terms superimposed on the Democrat's face: "LIBERAL" … "Served as the President of the ACLU" … "Radical Organization defends hard core criminals Man/Boy Love Association" … "ACLU Defends Child Molester Group" … "Preys on our children" … "utterly disgusting" … "radical, liberal."


Dutifully performing the fact-checking function expected of responsible newspapers, the Arizona Daily Sun analyzed the content of the ad. It could not "independently verify" that 100 elected officials had endorsed Renzi, though 55 are apparently members of a Navajo tribal council whose gambling interests Renzi has championed. Ellen Simon was not the president of the American Civil Liberties Union, but a volunteer lawyer in Cleveland who represented the group in precisely one case. That case had nothing to do with NAMBLA or child molesters. The "Democratic mayor" who called Simon "utterly disgusting" is effectively a Republican. Simon, who supports school choice and cracking down on illegal immigrants, is by no means a "radical liberal." In other words, not a single claim in the ad is actually true.

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