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Thursday, November 30, 2006 


What you all miss if you don't go to the games:

The Defense loves "Walk it out"

(From the AOL FanHouse)

DJ Unk's song video "Walk it Out" has become a part of this Redskins team. Whenever the song (or a few other songs of it's nature) begins blaring during a stoppage of time there's a good chance you'll see the defense begin to dance. A while back I posted the YouTube video showing Carlos Rogers, Sean Taylor, and Marcus Washington getting loose during a television timeout. Now it looks as if the trend is spreading throughout the defensive unit, clearly their resurgent defensive performance was a result of Unk's beats and not Gregg's schemes. Via two of my favorite local bloggers (Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog and Chris Mottram of Saved By the Blog) comes this week's video of the festivities. You may be able to tell that this time the crowd was immediately responsive (I walked it out from the seated position).

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