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Friday, October 29, 2004 

Apprentice Dubbing

It seems to get worse and worse with each episode. Trump will be saying something in a normal voice, then they cut to reaction shots of the contestants shaking their heads, or gulping or something and you hear Trumps voice completely change in what is obviously a voiceover.
MSNBC has an article on it. They've done it with Carolyn to.

What's with Trump's weird voiceover

But why is this happening on “The Apprentice”? The boardroom, with its dramatic lighting and cushioned chairs, is a set, not an actual boardroom. Thus placing microphones in the correct locations to catch every word should not be difficult. And it doesn’t appear to be, as the backstabbing and defensiveness from the losing team all comes across clearly, caught on tape without so much as a stutter.

Are these redubbed lines scripted? Rerecorded to be smoother than the original version? If not, why is the production so bad that Trump’s audio cuts out so frequently, both in the boardroom and elsewhere?

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