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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 

Lara Croft says vote!

Ok, so its already kind of sad that some young people only register to vote because P. Diddy or some other famous person has to tell them that its important...but, we can understand how that would happen. BUT, would an 18 year old adult vote because of a video they saw on TRL of 50 video game characters rapping about how everyone needs to vote? If 10 and 11 year olds could vote, then maybe this would do something. But is an 18 year old really going to think:
"Oh shit, Lara Croft said voting is important. I need to vote!"

From the WashingtonPost:

It's not JoJo, not Britney, but Lara Croft in that hip-hugging outfit, who raps, "You've got to stand and choose."


The lyrics aren't regular music video flava either, certainly not out of "Baby It's You" or "My Prerogative," which crowned last week's Top 10 hits on "TRL" -- or "Total Request Live," the viewer-voted countdown on MTV that is prime real estate for anyone scrambling for the elusive youth vote.

Then again, "Stand and Choose," the 2-minute 46-second music video debuting on "TRL" today, is an all-star cast of more than 50 video gaming characters, a "We Are the World" virtual reality extravaganza set in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

The music is hip-hop. The mood is serious. The message is clear: Young people need to take this voting thing seriously.

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