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Monday, November 29, 2004 

Battery Park

Wash Post article on how the area I live in is so great bla bla residents have spontaneous cookouts or something bla bla they're so awesome (I dislike my neighbors...for no reason other than they complained about our jungle of a front yard, oh and bc i have yet to be invited to an impromptu cookout or block party)

But the best part:

While there are rules on the books to protect neighborhoods such as Battery Park, residents say they don't think the county enforces them stringently enough. They point to a house on the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Battery Lane as a recent example.

"A nail and hair salon was being run over there illegally. We took it the zoning board and the county. She finally got fed up and sold the place," Schreiber said of a situation that dragged on for months and was only resolved after Battery Park residents used their civic association dues to hire a lawyer.

Oh yeah, thats my house.

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