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Thursday, November 04, 2004 

How Can?

Daily Mirror:
How can 59,054,087 people...

It is so typical of people today to blame their failures on someone else. If you are unable to succeed in America, it's the fault of society having been stacked against you because of some type of unfairness. And when you lose an election, it's because the people are stupid.

Why is it so hard for Kerry supporters to admit that Kerry lost because he ran a lousy campaign and he did not reflect the values of the average American? As far back as early September, Bill Clinton realized that Kerry was in trouble. In the phone conversation before his heart surgery, he (source: Newsweek) suggested for Kerry go to states like Ohio where they have anti gay "marriage" amendmends on the ballot and campaign as though he was for it. Now you can argue that the "right" thing for a politician to do is to stick to his guns and not pander to the ordinary voter .. but give Bill Clinton credit for reailzing that Kerry's campaign was not catching fire because the average voter saw him as not one of them.

More below ..

Why Bush Won
By Frank Luntz

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