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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

Kobe Sucks

Ok I lied. This from ESPN Insider:

"They are here giving me 110 percent," Bryant said of his teammates.

Really? The Lakers are playing for Kobe now?

That wasn't a slip of the tongue. Two player agents who represent players on the Lakers and one league source told Insider that Bryant was ruling the Lakers with an iron fist, getting in players' faces and acting as if he owned the team. According to one agent, Bryant even threatened to trade his client if he didn't do things The Kobe Way.

"I get the feeling that everyone there is pretty miserable," one agent told Insider. "I know [my client] wants out, and he claims others do too. It's hard enough to have a coach on you all the time, but then when a player is doing it, too, it's just too much."

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