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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Anti Drug...Ring Tones

...I mean...wow...yeah, anti drug..ring tones...

You want the Funk? We’ve got the Funk! This ringtone will get you in the groove and remind you where to go to get the facts on drugs. And remember, you have the power to stop your friends from using drugs or alcohol. That’s right—your cell phone is a powerful way to help start a conversation with a friend who might be using drugs.

This one is for the tuners, ratchet-heads, car-buffs, and anyone else who actually knows what a Hemi is. This high-octane ringtone is sure to set you apart while you're working on your car or cruisin' the local strip. Remember, drugs and alcohol can ruin this great pastime. In 2001, an estimated 38,000 high school seniors in the U.S. crashed after driving under the influence of marijuana and 46,000 crashed after driving under the influence of alcohol. Don't let this happen to you.

drugs are bad...

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