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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Ipods Rule

58% of the flash market...thats just crazy
I love my shuffle....and my 20gig...now just need a mini

iPod shuffle snaps up 58% of the US market for flash-based MP3 players
A report by market research firm NPD concludes that Apple’s iPod shuffle has gobbled up a full 58.2% of the US market for flash-based MP3 players in March, up from 43% in February (the bulk of Apple’s sales were for the 512MB version of the shuffle). Whether Apple tapped into what has turned out to be a vastly underestimated demand for flash-based players, or simply employed their massive marketing muscle to get consumers lusting after a product that four months ago they didn’t know they wanted is (it’s probably a little bit of both), but what isn’t up for debate is that Creative, iRiver, Sony, Rio, et al. seriously have their work cut out for them.

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