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Friday, June 24, 2005 

More Geeksta

So I assumed the last post (read that first) was a big joke, until Ping told me that Monzy is a friend of hers and she pointed me to his website. If you're a comp dork, you have to click on his dis record to MC Plus+ - So Much Drama in the PhD - you know you're laughing, as bad as it is.

- Dis record to MC Plus+ (lyrics, mp3)

Highlites from "So Much Drama in the PhD":

My crew is so hard that we roll in NP,
And bitches dereference my pointer for free.

And I picked up that ho like straight garbage collection.
("That's right, mark-and-sweep on these nuts, bitch.")

Your mom circulates like a public key,
Servicing more requests than HTTP.
She keeps all her ports open like Windows ME,
Oh, there's so much drama in the PhD.

DWORD to your moms, I came to drop bombs;
I've got more rhymes that San Jose's got dotcoms

LOL!!!! I'm rather embarassed to say that I get most of the lines.. although fortunately, not all of them.

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