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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Wasting Time

ST. LOUIS (AP) — If you're on the job, and you're reading this story, you should probably get back to work. The average worker wastes more than two hours a day, and that's not including lunch, according to a new Web survey by America Online and Salary.com. That means companies spend as much as $759 billion on salaries annually for which they receive no apparent benefit, the research found.

The No. 1 state for wasting time was Missouri, where workers who responded to the survey reported slacking off 3 hours and 12 minutes a day.

The survey didn't specifically look at why Missouri is the worst in the nation, but if Missouri workers think the perception is unfair, "We would encourage people to visit the home page and weigh in further on that," said Richard Cellini, Salary.com's head of research.


The America Online and Salary.com survey found the workers' top excuses for wasting time nationwide were not enough work or inadequate pay for the work they do.

About 10,000 people responded to the poll.

More than 44% said the No. 1 way they waste time at work is personal Internet use, like reading e-mail, instant messages, playing interactive games — and responding to online polls.

Things about this that I think are funny:
1) The survey was done by AOL.
2) Virginia is #7 in the top time wasters.
3) Software and Internet is the #5 top slacking profession


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