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Friday, December 09, 2005 

Searchable NBA Video

This is pretty damn cool:

(my first searches: Kwame Brown & turnover, Kwame Brown and Missed FG)

NBA to create huge digital archive

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--If you're a rabid basketball fan and have long wished you could get your hands on video of that one memorable shot by Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls play-off game you went to in 1989, the National Basketball Association may soon be able to help you out.

The league, working with Silicon Graphics, is setting out to create a digital archive of the entire filmed history of its games, from legendary contests between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers to seemingly meaningless late-season games between out-of-contention teams. The archive will be available at NBA.com. The league unveiled the project Thursday night at SGI's offices here.


The NBA plans to employ an unspecified but large number of people to review every minute of its footage, both new and old, in order to time stamp and review plays. The idea, said Hellmuth, is to create a giant searchable database of plays that would note the players involved, their exact location on the court, at what point in the game the play happened, the outcome of the play and a rating for it.

Then, he continued, anyone could search the database for, say, all 3-point shots with less than two minutes on the game clock by the Golden State Warriors' Baron Davis.

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