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Friday, March 03, 2006 


Drive 55, try to stay alive

I was pretty sure that I was doing something stupid," said another.

That may be true. But, young and brash, they had a plan.

They wanted to go the speed limit on I-285.

In four cars, on all four lanes, the students from Georgia State University and other local colleges paced the entire midmorning flow of Perimeter traffic behind them at 55 mph for half an hour. They call it "an act of civil obedience."

"I get a lot of tickets," said Andy Medlin, 20, the Georgia State student who came up with the idea. "The best way to expose the flaws in the system is by following it."

Thankfully, they survived unharmed, though much maligned. The eight students captured it all on video for a student film competition, and the five-minute piece has fired up the country this week on blogs, talk radio, and national news broadcasts.

A Meditation On the Speed Limit (Google Video link - 5 minute video)

bah, theyre about 10yrs late on this experiment... justin, tell them how it's done - Paint Branch jigga!

I'd have to say they're 20 years late on this particular experiment - driving I-285 at 55. Right, beer bros? Or else they like imitating characters in young adult novels for girls (see the NYT best selling novel TTYL by Myracle, pgs.129 - 131).

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