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Friday, October 08, 2004 

AOL Browser

AOL is going to release a stand-alone browser.
I know you look at the headline and naturally right away thinkthat this is stupid...but its actually a pretty good browser for AOL users. This isn't going to be rolled out as an alternative to IE or firefox for regular users. Its more of an extension of the AOL client for current AOL users.
Here are the features:

Sources said the AOL Browser contains many features missing from the current IE software, such as tabbed browsing and "tear-off tabs," where a tabbed window can be torn off into a new window. For privacy-conscious users, a "clear my footprints" feature allows for fast clearing of browser history, cookies, cache and recent searches. A pop-up blocker is also included.

Another useful interface element in the beta software is the "preview" of pages represented by buttons or tabs, sources said. The AOL Browser can display thumbnail images of pages as users hover over the back and forward buttons or over another browser tab.

Meanwhile, AOL's trademark "Running Man" graphic will be used to indicate page-load progress.

Based on IE though??

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