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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 

Maryland PIPA

The report referred to in the previous article is pretty damn interesting.
From Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes:

Particularly interesting is:
The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters

Damn people are stupid.

A new PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll finds a consensus among the American public that if Iraq did not have WMD and was not providing substantial support to al Qaeda, the US should not have gone to war with Iraq. Seventy-four percent overall have this view, including 58% of Bush supporters, 92% of Kerry supporters and 77% of the uncommitted-those who have not made a definite commitment to vote for one or the other candidate.

Steven Kull comments, "It may seem contradictory that three quarters of Americans say that the US should not have gone to war if Iraq did not have WMD or was not providing support to al Qaeda, while nearly half still say the war was the right decision. However, support for the decision is sustained by persisting beliefs among half of Americans that Iraq provided substantial support to al Qaeda, and had WMD, or at least a major WMD program."

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