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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

Random Apprentice Stuff

‘Apprentice’ finalists say boardroom took four hours

NEW YORK - Donald Trump taught Kevin Allen and Sandy Ferreira, his oh-so-close firees on NBC’s “The Apprentice, a valuable lesson: go to school but don’t stay too long.

“Ultimately, I think I came to the table with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Ferreira, 28, told The Associated Press. “I just didn’t have the degree that Trump wanted. I couldn’t pull it out of the air.”

On the flip side, Trump called law student Allen, 29, overeducated and underexperienced before firing him — even though finalist Kelly Perdew has the same number of degrees and Jennifer Massey has a similar amount of business experience. What gives?

Webber says there never was a role for him in 'The Apprentice'

MINNEAPOLIS - Chris Webber wasn't pleased to learn his name had been used Thursday on NBC's "The Apprentice."

Webber said he had been contacted by the show's producers but didn't give permission for his name to be used.

"My lawyers are looking at legal action now," the Kings forward said. "There was never a part in the show. They wanted to entice me to come on there. But I said I really didn't care about being on their show. So no, I never agreed to do it, and my people are upset that they tried to use my name to snare interest for their last show."

Webber said the entire situation lets you know that "reality TV really isn't reality TV because that whole thing was staged."

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