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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 

Rumors on the Internets Pt 2

I only post this because Brian sent a mail saying he heard this on tv, then I noticed it again on wonkette.com:

From Wonkette:

Did Bush really just say that "we need to put our medical records on the I.T."? Is that like the internets or is he talking about Phil, the guy who wears his pants up around his chin and who comes around when the printer jams?

For what it's worth: The speech is supposed to be about "tort reform," which always sounds more interesting than it really is. Also sort of disappointing: Bush is giving this speech from a town aides have referred to as a "judicial hellhole." But the lawyers there aren't dead at all! (Love that Spinal Tap song, though.)

Bush heads to 'Judicial Hellhole' [CNN/Money]

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