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Friday, January 28, 2005 

Those Duke fans and their clever cheers...

So I read about this on my MD message board. The dude who actually did it posted a recap. Then Colin pointed out that it made its way to the Diamondback. And now CBS Sportsline picked it up....nice.

According to the Maryland student newspaper, a Terps fan in Duke clothing suckered the Cameron Crazies into taunting their own team.

This information comes courtesy of the Diamondback, with a tip o' the cap to college basketball blogger Yoni Cohen, who found the item. Now that credit has been given, here's the deal:

Duke's famed student-fans, the Cameron Crazies, routinely distribute pre-game cheat sheets on the other team -- suggested chants, areas to ridicule, etc. It destroys the idea that thousands of students could spontaneously think up such brilliant cheers, but that's not the point.

The point is, one such cheat sheet was distributed for the Maryland game, and somehow a Maryland fan managed to get a bogus bit of information onto it. According to the Diamondback, the fraudulent factoid centered on Terps star Nik Caner-Medley, whose girlfriend was said to be nicknamed "Piggy."

During the game, the Diamondback reported, the Cameron Crazies oinked at Caner-Medley and serenaded him with chants of "Pig-gy, Pig-gy."

As it turns out, Caner-Medley does not have a girlfriend whose nickname is Piggy.

But Duke does have a connection to tarnished summer coach Myron Piggie, who has admitted giving money to several of his club players, including future (and now former) Blue Devil Corey Maggette.

Fortunately for the Cameron Crazies, they didn't take the bait all the way. That same fraudulent factoid on Caner-Medley identified his girlfriend by her first name: Myra.

Imagine the sound of thousands of Duke fans chanting, "My-ra Pig-gy."

Duke Sucks!

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