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Monday, March 07, 2005 


From OBrien (like I would load up Fox News on my own...):

Wis. Man Wants to Legalize Cat Hunting

MADISON, Wis. — Hunter Mark Smith welcomes wild birds on to his property, but if he sees a cat, he thinks the "invasive" animal should be considered fair game.

The 48-year-old firefighter from La Crosse has proposed that hunters in Wisconsin make free-roaming domestic cats an "unprotected species" that could be shot at will by anyone with a small-game license.

i am not a cat lover, but i think that is a horrible thing to do. cats serve a good purpose just like any other animal. there are some really sick people out there. there are other animals in the wild that kill birds and other prey. what are we going to do? shoot everything that crosses our paths. maybe the person who feels like shooting animals should be shot himself to see how it feels.

This guy is a real idiot! I wouldn't want him fighting a fire at my house either! He'd surely ignore my many signs to save my babies (my cats and dogs) first and worry about property damage later! Anyway, who says he might not decide that a child r an elderly person is unnecessary and let them burn or just shoot them?
He should be fired from his job as he is a potential mass murder!

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