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Friday, April 01, 2005 

Yet another Gilchrist article

Yet another article/editorial shitting on Gilchrist for leaving early:
Washington Times - "Out of your league, out of your mind"

John Gilchrist either has talked his basketball career into purgatory or someone with his ear has done it.
If Gilchrist is a potential first-round pick in the NBA Draft this June, then so is Nik Caner-Medley.
Gilchrist apparently is staking his NBA worthiness on the goings-on in Portsmouth, Va., Chicago and individual workouts with the interested parties.
He certainly has shown little in his college career at Maryland that indicates a readiness to compete against the gifted and talented guards of the NBA. If anything, his junior season indicated a compelling need to stay put, with the hope that another season would result in further development.

You read of Gilchrist leaving school early to go to the NBA and you recall God Shammgod.
The point guard left Providence after two seasons and received a cup of coffee from the Wizards as a second-round pick in 1998, and that was that.
Total number of games: 20.
Perhaps it worked out as well as it ever could for Shammgod.
Who knows? To which can be added: What, then, was the darn rush?
Shammgod blew off two college seasons for 20 NBA games and the chump change of the second round.
Gilchrist can retain his college options, so long as he does not hire an agent.
Staying in college, either at Maryland or somewhere else, easily would be his best move of a forgettable season.

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