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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

AOL for Sale stuff

For the AOLers, interesting article at Motley Fool that indicates the asking price for AOL last year when all those rumors were floating around about possible purchasers:

AOL Up for Sale?

Rumors that Time Warner's (NYSE: TWX) languishing America Online service is on the bidding block have been around for some time. Whether it was last year's report that Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) was snooping around or whispers that former chieftain Steve Case was looking to take back the company he navigated toward prominence, the speculation -- which invariably stemmed from third-party sources -- was ultimately unfounded.

But yesterday, at the D3: All Things Digital conference in California, InterActive Corp (Nasdaq: IACI) CEO Barry Diller mentioned that his company was once looking to buy AOL, but scoffed at the $20 billion asking price.

Wait a minute. That's no third party talking. That's a real name with a real price, presumably proposed by Time Warner. While we don't know how it all went down -- or if AOL is still up for sale -- it is an intriguing tidbit. With $20.5 billion in debt, the alleged asking price would help the company wipe its leveraged balance sheet clean.


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