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Monday, June 06, 2005 

Post Gilchrist Article

In case anyone missed this:

For Ex-Terp Gilchrist, No Holding Back
Guard Enjoying Life After Maryland

  • He said the game ceased to be "fun" last season, said his former teammates failed to match his intensity in practice and characterized his relationship with Williams as nonexistent

  • But Gilchrist's claims were viewed as outlandish by various sources within Maryland's program, who paint him as a belligerent player distracted by the lure of the NBA, rebellious toward Williams's long-successful philosophy and unaccepted as a leader by teammates.

  • Gilchrist said he never sought a personal association with Williams -- "He was my coach; I looked at it like business." In fact, one of the only conversations of a personal nature Gilchrist recalled having with Williams occurred in spring 2004, when the player told his coach that his longtime girlfriend was pregnant.

  • Gilchrist's college career officially ended when he withdrew from classes shortly after the 2004-05 season. Gilchrist acknowledged difficulties with teammates, who he said did not "take me seriously" and questioned whether his priorities were with the team or with his pro prospects.

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