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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

Tyson Fight - Press Conference

Funny bit from an ESPN page 2 article:

Proof that the funniest things aren't meant to be:

Kevin McBride and his little flunky manager had just finished telling the world they were just getting started, that Kevin was ready to "shock the world," that he'd fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Bring it on, McBride said. You're looking at the next great champion. Ireland's waiting.

Then Mike Tyson shows up and says he won't fight anymore. McBride is sitting right next to him, and when Tyson is asked by one of the goofball sycophants if he might consider fighting again, just a few more times, just for us, just for the people, Tyson says, "No offense to Kevin, but we all know what his record is. We know what kind of fighter he is." Then he says he doesn't want to defile himself or his sport any further.

Tyson doesn't have to be any more direct. The point was made: McBride is a stiff, and the once-great Tyson lost to a stiff. Therefore, Tyson is presently lower than a stiff.

But what does McBride do while Tyson is saying this? He nods, of course, bobbing his head like it's spring-loaded. Mike's not only right, he's so right McBride can barely contain himself. He just told us he's going to be the next great heavyweight, and now he's agreeing with every word Tyson is saying.

It was rich and hilarious and pathetic and perfect all at the same time. Nobody could have made it up.

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