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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

Smurfs movie

Smurfs Are Back!

Paramount plays the blues…in CG form

The Smurfs, for the 3 people on Earth who don't know that, are small blue creatures "three apples high" who live in a town of mushroom shaped houses in the woods. There, they hang out in their nifty white trousers-and-hat combos – except for Papa Smurf, who wears red, and Smurfette, who wears whatever she wants – and try to avoid the attentions of the dastardly sorceror Gargamel, who's determined to wipe them out. Presumably he's offended by their habit of looking the same, dressing the same and resembling blueberries. Or perhaps it's their habit of replacing random words with the word "smurf" as in "What the smurfing smurf are you doing with Smurfette, you smurf?"

Over the 47 years since they first appeared in a Belgian cartoon strip, they've gone into space, experienced civil war and befriended wandering knight errants. Their exact biology or means of reproduction remain a mystery – Baby Smurf was delivered by stork, for example – but they're popular all over the world, thanks to the comics and a cartoon series in the 1980s.

The new film is scheduled to come out in 2008, to celebrate their 50th birthday, and producers are hoping that it will be the first of a trilogy.

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