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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

Google Talk

My opinion of Google Talk:

In my opinion it lacks the "wow" factor that products like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Picassa etc have had. Theres nothing especially new or innovative about it. Thats not to say it's bad. Google releases quality products. I assume more features (like HTML or RTF) will be rolled out, sort of like how Gmail was pretty bare when it was first released.

Unfortunately unlike Google Maps, Gmail etc, I can't offer a compelling reason to make all my coworkers change.

Quick few things I think are slick:
* If you close your IM window and then IM that person again, your old text/convo is still there. No more accidental "oops, i closed the IM window, what did you say again?"
* I like the way the IMs roll up and can be attached/detached. I prefer the dead aim method of tabs though.

Quick few things its missing:
* Profiles and away messages. When I'm bored and need to procrastinate, I need to right click - get info.

am i the only one who has inappropriate im conversations that i do not want re-appearing everytime i open a new im with that person? :)

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