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Monday, August 22, 2005 

Supportive Fans

Because nothing shows support for your team better than bonfires & rioting:

Princeton Review Annual College Rankings Based on 110,000 Student Survey Now Out in 'Best 361 Colleges - 2006 EDN

The Princeton Review's annual ranking lists of top 20 colleges in these and 57 other categories are in the new 2006 edition of "The Best 361 Colleges" (Random House / Princeton Review, $21.95), which goes on sale tomorrow. The book's ranking lists will also be posted on http://www.PrincetonReview.com at 7 pm ET tonight.

Other ranking lists in "The Best 361 Colleges" and the #1 colleges on them are:

Toughest College to Get Into -- Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
(Cambridge MA)
Profs Rated Highest by Their Students -- St. John's College (Santa Fe NM)
Most Beautiful Campus -- Pepperdine Univ. (Malibu CA)
Best College Library -- Harvard College (Cambridge MA)
Best College Newspaper -- Univ. of Arizona (Tucson)
Happiest Students Overall -- Stanford Univ. (Stanford CA)
Frat & Sorority Scene Biggest -- DePauw Univ. (Greencastle IN)
Top Stone-Cold Sober School -- Brigham Young Univ. (Provo UT)
Top Party School -- Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison)
Students Lean Most to the Left (Politically) -- Mills College (Oakland CA)
Students Lean Most to the Right -- Hillsdale College (Hillsdale MI)
Most Religious Students - Brigham Young Univ. (Provo UT)
Race/Class Relations Friendliest -- Franklin W. Olin Col. of Engineering
(Needham MA)
Gay Community Most Accepted -- New College of Florida (Sarasota FL)
Students Most Supportive of Their College Sports Teams -- Univ. of
Maryland (College Park)

Maybe when UNC loses to UMD on Nov 12, the maurauders and hoodlums from College Park will tear up Franklin Street. ;)

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