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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

NYPD Hip Hop Dossier

From The Smoking Gun

NYPD's Secret Hip-Hop Dossier

AUGUST 29--With Miami Beach cops trying to figure out who just put a slug in Suge Knight's leg, perhaps it's time for the New York Police Department to update its comprehensive rap music dossier. The 500-page NYPD investigative report contains rap sheets, mug shots, and incident reports on many of hip-hop's biggest stars (below you'll find excerpts of the confidential NYPD dossier). We've included NYPD documents on Jay-Z (Shawn Carter); Ja Rule (Jeffrey Atkins); 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson); Diddy (Sean Combs); Nas (Nasir Jones); DMX (Earl Simmons); Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith); Flavor Flav (William Drayton); Fabolous (John Jackson); Capone (Kiam Holley); Noreaga (Victor Santiago); Cam'ron (Cameron Giles); record executive Irv Gotti (Irving Lorenzo); and Roc-A-Fella Records boss Damon Dash. Apologies on the reproduction of some mug shots--our copy of the police dossier is sketchy in places. Our favorite documents are the NYPD reports recounting instances when the rappers themselves called the cops to report crimes. Busta, for instance, once needed help when his baby mommy attacked him and pulled hair out of his head. 50 reported three separate assaults, during which he was shot, stabbed, punched in the head, and clobbered with a tire iron. (24 pages)

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