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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Dulles Toll Road

Have I really been wasting $2.50 a day for the past year (and $1.85 a day for the previous 3)!!!
(the worst part of it is that the money goes to VA...and I coulda totally been screwing VA this whole time)

Dulles Road Cheaters Take Toll on Virginia

When drivers blow through the toll lanes on the Dulles Toll Road without paying, a red security light immediately flashes and starts whirling in circles. A loud bell rings.

And that's it. Forever.

Despite the gaudy appearance of enforcement, it's all for show, state officials acknowledged. That little device that looks like it houses a camera? There's nothing in there. There is no equipment to catch toll cheaters. No pictures are taken. No ticket is issued. No note is sent home to Mom.

There isn't any video violation enforcement at the Richmond Metropolitan Authority toll lanes either. They do use gates, but occasionally these are left open (particularly on the Downtown Expressway) and one can breeze through without paying.

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