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Friday, December 16, 2005 

The War on Christmas Dispatches

The War on Christmas Dispatches

Dispatches from an undercover Mr. Sun mole embedded in a key enemy division waging The War on Christmas. In order to protect his identity, he will be known only as "The Yule Mole." If you feel you must know his real name, just ask Scooter Libby or Robert Novak.

The Blog

    My blog full of random crap.
    History/Stages of this blog:
    1. Completely random crap
    2. G-Dub is stupid...really stupid. why are you voting for him..seriously
    3. everyone sucks (for voting for G-Dub)
    4. Google Lovefest
    5. YouTube Lovefest
    6. The Wire Lovefest
    7. Wii Lovefest
    8. Sporadic Posts
    (with UMD sports stuff mixed in everywhere)


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