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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Doomed Dukies

I found this very entertaining:

Doomed Dukies

Admittedly, some Duke players have found a bit of success in the NBA. In his career, Elton Brand has almost 10,000 points scored, 5,000 rebounds grabbed, and 4,000 cheeseburgers eaten. Shane Battier has made a career out of flopping to get charges called. Luol Deng could be even better when he realizes he can do toe-touches without bending over, saving valuable energy in pre-game stretching. Corey Maggette could win the coveted title of "The Cedric Ceballos of his Generation," which is kind of like being a CBA All-Star, but with less glory. Any time you make an alphabetical list of Egyptian-born NBA players, Alaa Abdelnaby still comes first, and that's got to count for something.


A better solution is to blame Coach K's system for making above-average players look fantastic, which is better than his protégé Quin Snyder's system of making fantastic players look below-average. (Don't worry, Quin; you've got the best hair in the whole damn unemployment line.) In this vein, Redick might just be better off bagging the NBA and joining Coach K's bench a la Steve Wojciehowski, although he'll have to slap the court an awful lot in his last dozen games to be as annoying as Wojo was in his playing days.

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