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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Mario Question Blocks

posterchild mario question blocks

A friend of mine (who is not actually me) goes by the name Poster Child when he is doing art in public spaces. He believes that our public spaces (sidewalks, parks, etc) have been taken over by ads, and so he battles this creeping loss of public spaces by placing his art in similar situations. Those are the politics! The result is a lot of cool stuff that you can just come across when you're walking around town.


This page is for the question blocks that my friend did at the end of May, 2005. He thought that his town of Windsor, Ontario would look a lot cooler if there were question blocks, circa Super Mario Brother 1, around town.

(From Hacker Katie)

Mark Jenkins does this in DC and it's better. He's been doing it for longer too.

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