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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

I Hate (not Kwame Brown)

Baltimore Sun Article about the Best Movie Ever.

"I Hate Jeffrey Maier"

"Deep down, he knew [the movie] was sort of ridiculous," she said. "It's about a boy - an Orioles fan - who watches 'the Maier game' and gets so upset he quits his Little League team. Ten years later, he goes off to college, finds Maier there and decides to get back at him."

For four years, the film's protagonist retaliates in trifling ways. Seeing Maier in the campus library, he hurls his pen, which glances harmlessly off the player's back. On bathroom walls, he scrawls, "I Hate Jeffrey Maier." At baseball practice, he manages to steal Maier's glove and throw it off a nearby bridge.

Be sure to watch the video clip (upper right of page)

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