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Thursday, April 06, 2006 



Wired.com description (Antisocial networking gets hip):
Online social networks are usually all about bringing together people who like the same things.

The founder of a new anti-social networking site, however, is finding that shared hates can be an equally effective bonding tool.

Software engineer Bryant Choung intended to satirize social discovery services when he launched his beta site, Snubster, last month. The site lets members create public lists of people and things that rankle them.

From snubster:

the snubster difference
Aren't you tired of all of those people out there trying to grab all of these fake friends online? It's all about how many people can I pretend to be friends with to make myself feel better. Welcome to a better way at snubster.

These lists can contain items or people. If you choose people, supply an email address to identify the person. The email address will remain private, but we'll send them an email letting them know that they're either on notice or that they are now dead to you.

On Notice
Things go on this list first. You can specify how long something is on notice. If there are no more infractions in this time period, they'll automatically come off the list. Otherwise you can move them to your Dead to Me List

Dead to Me

Put things on your dead to me list when you'd like them on there permanently. They'll only come off your list if you manually remove them.

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