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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 


can i turn this blog from a YouTube lovefest...to an AOL UnCut lovefest?????????

I love how much we copy (aim pages, aol phoneline, now aol UnCut...hey, at least we copy good/popular stuff)

AOL to Release YouTube Clone


I was going to embed a random aol uncut video in here...actually it was gonna be of a tornado that was recored at the aol campus, except at the beginning of the video some girl keeps yelling "holy shit!!"...and aol uncut isn't as cool as YouTube and so when you embed the video, it starts playing as soon as you load the page....so basically, if you loaded my page, youd hear a shrieking females voice say "holy shit!" which i assume some of you may not have liked....

oh but heres the link to the video anyway

BET UnCut is also a service, although one of a very different kind. AOL may want to change that name...

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