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Monday, May 15, 2006 

Why I Hate Brian

really...its why we all hate Brian:
(keep in mind that hes 5 hours ahead of us)

brian (2:30:01 PM): dude my life is spiralling out of control
brian (2:30:05 PM): i just showered for the first time today
me (2:30:21 PM): eh
me (2:30:33 PM): that doesnt signal spiralling out of control to me
brian (2:30:36 PM): i was in and out of consciousness all day long, starting at about 1:30pm when i woke up and got out of bed
brian (2:30:58 PM): only in the past half hour did i get my ass on the move, cuz stella called and said she was ready to come over for dinner, so i had to really get up
me (2:31:11 PM): just sounds like a lazy ass day
brian (2:31:21 PM): yes, but um, this happens a majority of the week now
brian (2:31:38 PM): i stopped going to class altogether. i'm not going to a single one till the end of the semester on june 10
me (2:31:51 PM): why
brian (2:31:56 PM): i can't make it to 12pm rugby practices
me (2:32:05 PM): are you on drugs or something
me (2:32:08 PM): stop being a lazy fuck
brian (2:32:09 PM): ha i wish
brian (2:32:18 PM): the only thing i go to is sailing class every wednesday night
me (2:32:44 PM): i feel like i want to post this on my blog
me (2:32:46 PM): with the title
me (2:32:48 PM): "why i hate brian"
brian (2:32:59 PM): hahaha
me (2:33:07 PM): in fact, i think i will
brian (2:33:20 PM): a productive day for me nowadays is when i download and sort a lot of music
me (2:33:43 PM): and youre still gonna get good grades
me (2:33:45 PM): and a nice ass job
me (2:33:47 PM): and be rich
me (2:33:48 PM): arent you
me (2:33:52 PM): god damn i hate you
brian (2:34:03 PM): no i dont' care about grades anymore, i think i might get straight Bs
brian (2:34:33 PM): cuz i got one B and since that happened, out went the dean's list, which means now i have NO incentive since our school doesn't release grades
brian (2:35:04 PM): oh and the other day, i found a 50 pound bill on the street. no joke. that's like almost 100 bucks!
brian (2:35:10 PM): like i stepped on it and was like, hey, that looked like currency
brian (2:35:22 PM): so then i turned around picked it up, and IT WAS!
brian (2:35:27 PM): shit like that never happens!
me (2:36:03 PM): i hate you

i hate brian so much

i also had to chime in here
fuck brian
fuck you brian
god fuck

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