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Friday, May 12, 2006 

TV Shows

for no reason...tv shows that you should be watching, in no particular order

* Lost
* 24
* The Office
* The Shield
* Arrested Development (ok well its done, but still)
* Sopranos
* Entourage
* The Wire
* South Park
* Family Guy

(update thanks to arlene)
* Weeds

shows its ok to watch:
* My Name is Earl
* Law & Order SVU
* House
* Deadwood
* Simpsons
* The Boondocks

Syndicated shows to watch when you have tme:
* Daily Show
* Colbert Report

thats it...for now...everything else sucks

TV? Are people still watching that thing?

I would've thought "Weeds" could fit in there somewhere.

(I'm going to assume this is not some sort of veiled response to my post about "The Hills.")

Perhaps it is time for you to stop hiding behind these brilliant shows and declare that you're an avid "Gilmore Girls" fan and you regularly check for "American Idol" updates on the web--I have email documentation to support the latter...

As I am a newcomer to blogs, and I'm not registered...I would like to take ownership (and hopefully prove validity) of the above comments on chris' viewing habits, since I have been informed "anonymous" comments are ignored. Thanks Jo Annah ~=-)

McCoy... You know you love the OC. Stop hiding it. You read my OC post and even commented on it. :)

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