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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Classic Worthless Kwame Brown Article

So I was trying to explain to someone how much Kwame Brown sucks...apparently the "Growing Pains" article wasn't enough so I had to send this article...and I enjoyed re-reading it so much, I figured I had to repost it:

"So Long, Kwame, Thanks for Nothing"


The saddest thing of all is that Kwame Brown appears to be as clueless today as the day he arrived. It was okay to be a fool at 18, fresh out of high school; the great majority of us were. But he's 23 now and a full-fledged bust whose tough talk on the way out of here makes it so much easier to wave bye-bye without feeling a bit of remorse.

But there's just as much evidence that suggests Kwame Brown will go to the Lakers and be the slacker he was here, the kid who overslept practices or only halfway practiced when he did show, and always found somebody to blame but himself. Oh yes, he's a bust.

There are plenty of 23-year-olds in the NBA who come to work like grown men every day. Brown ain't one of 'em. Can't get himself out of bed on time, can't get to practice on time (if at all), can't treat his coach with common respect. The word "bust" doesn't even begin to adequately describe what a stunning disappointment Brown has been.

He's a super-size bust and it's predominantly his own fault. Nobody here asked or expected him to be Wilt. Reasonable progress toward competence would have made him palatable, but he wasn't capable even of that. Instead, what he became was a quitter who had to be suspended in the playoffs.

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