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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Kwame Brown

CLASSIC Kwame Brown article.
(This is one of my favorite articles of all time...ok, maybe its just my favorite Wizards/Bullets article of all time, but still)

It's ALWAYS good for a re-read:

Growing Pains
Kwame Brown's Unsentimental Education

My favorite parts:

* There was the time they discovered that he was eating Popeyes fried chicken for every meal, including breakfast, because he didn't really know how to grocery-shop. The sports management firm that represents Brown, SFX, assigned Richard J. Lopez, a 36-year-old business manager, to shepherd him. Lopez found that he essentially became a parent.

* Lopez knew Brown had a closet full of new suits – he had helped hang them there. "Kwame," he explained, "you have to take those suits to the dry cleaners." That was fine, Brown said, but he didn't know how to do that, and he still didn't have anything to wear.

Lopez drove over to Brown's apartment, and found the suits in a heap by the bed. Each time Brown wore one, he would take it off, wad it up and throw it in a corner.

* Finally, the condo was empty, except for Brown and Lopez. Brown looked at his manager. "Are you going to stay over?" he asked tentatively. Lopez, stunned, realized Brown had never spent the night alone before. Lopez took off his shoes.


omg, i keep this bookmarked along with the sports guy's running diary of the 2002 nba draft. always makes my day great.

but you know what would REALLY make my day great? seeing chris mccoy throwing back patron with me on friday...

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