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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

Professional Wingmen

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Two friends are at a party when one sees a potential love interest across the room.

Immediately, the other friend swoops into action, making an introduction and helping to keep the conversation going -- all so the buddy can score a phone number.

It's long been a ploy in the flirting arsenal. But now, those who ride shotgun for the sake of love have a name: They are the "wingmen" and "wingwomen" of the dating world.


At Arriviste Press, a small Boston-based publishing house, writers have launched a Virtual Wingman service on the company's Web site. All clients have to do is plug in a few details about themselves and what the sort of date they're looking for and, using that information, the virtual wingmen will craft a personal ad, free of charge.

Meanwhile, in cities such as Chicago and New York, a person can rent out a real, live wingperson on an hourly basis.

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