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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 

Place the State

From McGovern:

My score: 88% and avg error of 33 miles.
McGovern apparently got 13 miles, but I think he lies.

Place the State

OBrien got 9 miles and 94% accuracy. Apparently I suck.

Pete: : 84% and 33 miles off...I hate new england...all those tiny states

Colin: : i got 98%, avg error 2 miles, 209 seconds, but it was the second time i did it. first time my computer messed up
Colin: first time was 88%, like 30 or so miles, but my computer cost me like 400 miles or so and two states
Colin: cause of its slowness
---suuuuure Colin. blame the computer.

WKnight623 (5:13:31 PM): just did the map thing
Dma: i got 7 miles 96%
Dma: and thats using this damn touchpad!
Dma: i fugre touchpad cost me at least 6 miles of error!

Yes, you do suck. But you did better than me, I got 86% and 37 miles. But then again you shouldn't use me as a comparison since it took me a whole month to realize that Hari got laid off. ;)

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