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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 

Wow, I'm busy

This is prolly my only post for the week...I've got work to do.... it's amazing.
So to keep you amused for the week....

- watch the uneventful trailer for a movie that you know you can't wait to see (if you have never heard of this or never read the book - you suck. . I've read this book twice and plan on reading it again before it comes out) -- May 6!

- and read this interesting wikipedia article related to one of my posts from last week

- also heres a link to a new washington newspaper :
"The Examiner presents a new concept of journalism that we think fits the busy Washington regional market, where our readers may be analyzing the dangers of the Middle East one minute and cheering on their 9-year-old at soccer the next."

and finally, here is another show that demonstrates how ridiculous reality tv has gotten.

yeah thats it

The "sperm race" reality show reminds me of a dirty joke I heard once in junior high. There was this sperm cell getting all decked out in his Speedo and swimming goggles. He explained to the other sperms that when the moment comes, only one sperm gets to fertilize the egg, all other contestants end up withering away. The moment the green light came on, the tube opened, and they all started swimming out toward the egg. The sperm then started screaming "everyone ... swim back!! It's a bl*w job!"

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