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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

2 Quick Posts

and I'm back to work.

1) Peter Angelos is evil.

Baseball executives say Angelos has two goals. One is to take a disproportionate share of profits from the Nationals, who already appear to be outperforming the Orioles at the box office (and maybe even on the playing field). If he can't accomplish that, sprinkle a little hell around greater Washington by keeping the Nats off TV and undermining efforts to build the team's fan base. "He certainly is laying out a legal position," says Bill Hall, a key negotiator for the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission in the deal to win the Nats.

2) Police restrain GMA booker during Today Show Interview
Atlanta police handcuffed Good Morning America booker Mike Nagel this morning after complaints about his disorderly conduct, TVNewser has learned. Nagel was trying to interrupt NBC's interview with Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith this morning. (And some of it happened on-air: does anyone have screen grabs from 'Today?') Here's how the incident unfolded, according to sources at both networks:

ABC, really, really wanted an exclusive interview with Smith. And they thought they had it: They were under the impression that they were the only network morning show with the Smith interview. But Smith's attorney had arranged for NBC's 'Today' show to pre-tape an interview with her prior to 7am. Then she would walk around the corner to ABC's bureau for a live chat on GMA.

..bla bla....

Smith made it to NBC's remote location around the corner from ABC's bureau. While Lauer was pre-taping his interviewing with Smith, "Nagel was doing whatever he could to get this interview to stop," according to an insider. Smith's attorney tried to calm him down, but the police had to get involved. He was not arrested or charged, though.

I thought it was kinda funny seeing the guy all angry in the background of the interview.

Video: Follow the link and click launch by the free video.
You can see the dude on his cell phone in the background.

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