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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Apprentice Fans

this just seems so.....stupid:

March 15, 2005 -- 'APPRENTICE" wan nabe Kristen Kirchner, "fired" last month, has proven that Donald Trump was wrong to can her — or so she says.

"They've lost nonstop since I was fired," Kirchner says of her team, "Street Smarts," which has lost in three consecutive episodes. "They didn't show how good I was. I was really holding the ship together."

To further prove her point, Kirchner issued a press release asking if she should have been fired — and she's using $5,000 of her own money to reshoot the Dove ad that ultimately led to her dismissal on the NBC show.

Kirchner said she might even take her finished ad into the boardroom during "The Apprentice" finale — and demand that Trump watch it.

"It's going to be interesting," she said.

Kirchner was project manager for the "Street Smarts" team and was canned by Trump, who called her team's leadership "a mess" and the commercial they created "terrible."

"I'm cool, but I'm a businesswoman, and if Donald Trump wants to make a mockery of me, that's something he's going to have to deal with," Kirchner said.

"He attacked me in the business world, and to me, that's unforgivable."

NBC officials had no comment.

Link to her official press release.

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