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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

Hot Coffee

Decent Wash Post article about the stupidity of the GTA San Andreas - Hot Coffee controversy:

'San Andreas' Rocks the 'Righteous'

So -- the justification for this use of our tax dollars is that Take Two misled the public by promising a game featuring enough violence to make Sam Peckinpah blush, but instead sprinkled it with near-hardcore pornography. (I use "near" as there isn't any display of genitalia, at least as far as I could see. And it's a cartoon graphic, not real people...)

Good heavens, citizens! What's going on here? Oh yes, of course, we're getting all bent out of shape over nothing again.

I'm going to echo the refrain that you'd expect from thirtysomethings like me who don't have children to protect: I don't like the sex and violence of the GTA series. As a result, I do what anyone capable of making decisions does: I don't play it.

For parents, GTA joins the ranks of adolescent sex, dope-smoking, underage drinking and a long list of other things that they shouldn't do but try to get away with anyway. And despite the misogynistic nastiness that turns my gut worse than a cup of burnt McDonald's coffee, it should be the bottom item on the list of bugbears threatening the moral values that many of us hold dear in this crazy age.

The Boston Globe reported on Sen. Clinton's suspicion that Take Two tried to smuggle the sex scene past the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to avoid getting the game slapped with an "Adults Only" rating as opposed to a "Mature" -- "The board had given San Andreas its mature rating, meaning the game was appropriate for players age 17 or older. But after a new investigation, the board changed San Andreas' rating to adults only -- suitable for players 18 or older," reporter Hiawatha Bray wrote.

After all, that one-year distinction is crucial.

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