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Saturday, March 11, 2006 

Allan Ray

Ray OK

Villanova's Allan Ray's right eye is sore and he has a bit of a headache, but he was resting comfortably as the team was driving back to Philadelphia on the bus Saturday after suffering an eye injury during Friday's loss to Pittsburgh.

Team spokesperson Mike Sheridan told ESPN.com that Ray will see an eye specialist in Philadelphia Sunday or Monday for an examination.

Ray will use eye drops for treatment. According to Sheridan, Ray hasn't complained of any blurry vision.
Ray was released from St. Vincent's Hospital in New York early Saturday morning. The official report was a "soft tissue" injury to the right eye.

"He couldn't see when he was here," Wildcats coach Jay Wright said. "They got pressure on it right away. ... When I first saw them [team officials after the game] they said his vision was starting to come back. Now they said his vision is good and they're going to release him."

Getting to this point, however, was a traumatic emotional journey for everyone involved in the program. Wright said this was the happiest he has been after a loss.

Ray, one of the No. 2-rated Wildcats' integral parts, took an inadvertent finger to his eye from Pitt's Carl Krauser 32 seconds into the second half as Krauser, Ray and Pitt's Ronald Ramon went for a loose ball.

According to those who were physically close to Ray, he immediately grabbed his eye and said he couldn't see.

** Now Watch the Video of it. Seriously, watch it...well, unless you don't wanna be grossed out.

Update: Heres one of the many YouTube videos of it (and use the above post if you want to save a copy of this)

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