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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Trapped in the Closet

Found this from del.icio.us, here's the ep that Isaac Hayes quit South Park over (what bullshit)

Here's the entire ep of "Trapped in the Closet"

Stan: [walks out into the hall] Dad! Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!
Cruise: What?!
Stan: Tom Cruise locked himself in my closet and he won't come out. [Randy enters the room and tries to open the closet door, then knocks. Stan looks on]
Randy: Mr. Cruise? Mr. Cruise, come out of the closet.
Cruise: No!
Randy: Come on, Mr. Crusie, this is ridiculous.
Cruise: I'm never coming out!
Randy: [to Stan] What did you say to him?
Stan: I just told him I thought the Napoleon Dynamite guy is a batter actor than he is.
Randy: Oh boy. [knocks on the door again] Mr. Cruise, you can't just stay in the closet, alright? You need to come out.
Sharon: What's going on?
Randy: Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet.
Sharon: What??
Cruise: Just leave me alone!
Randy: Well, we CAN'T leave you alone because YOU won't come out of the closet!
[Channel 4 Network News - South Park Evening News]
Field Reporter: It's been four hours now, and Tom Cruise still will not come out of the closet. Hundreds of onlookers here have gathered here in hopes that the celebrity will finally give in.
Sergeant: Tom Cruise, this is Park County police! Please come out of the closet. [the house is shown] Everybody here just wants you to come out of the closet, Tom. [someoen takes a picture. The house is shown again] Nobody's gonna be mad, everything's gonna be all right. Just come out of the closet.
Field Reporter: We're still not exactly sure why Tom Cruise is in the closet, but I'm being joined now by famous singer/songwriter R. Kelly.
R. Kelly: Well I was just standing here, and Tom Cruise locked himself in the closet
I asked myself why won't Tom Cruise just come out the closet?
Nobody has no answers, and so I pull out my gun!
[pulls out a gun and cocks it. The reporter screams and everyone scatters]
Tell my why Tom Cruise in the clsoet or else I'm gonna shoot someone!

The R. Kelly lines are definitely my favorite parts of that episode.

And I agree.. Issac's reasoning is a load of crap.

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