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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

I Hate Chris Duhon

Thank you ESPN, for putting this story on your front page...reminding me of that damn shot that made me lose money and made me hate stupid @#%^@#$ Chris Duhon even more

The shot heard 'round the sports books

Two years ago in the national semifinal game between Duke and Connecticut, Duhon, a guard for the Blue Devils, hit a 38-foot shot at the buzzer. It was his 125th career 3-pointer. It came in his 4,183rd minute as a Duke basketball player. And it was the last shot of his collegiate career. Beyond that, it meant nothing to Duhon at the time. Three points wasn't enough. Duke was down by four. UConn won the game, 79-78.
"I knew that was it for me," Duhon says now. "My last college game. That was the first thought that came into my head. After it went in, I was about to cry and went down on my knees when Ben [UConn guard Ben Gordon] picked me up. I congratulated him, and they moved on from there."

But countless others had a much harder time moving on from there. In most sports books, the spread for the game was two points. To a certain segment of the population, Duhon's shot had immediate meaning. Major meaning.

Anyone who had bet on Connecticut had now lost. Duhon's shot meant Duke had covered.

The next day, ESPN.com reported that
the shot likely shifted something between $30 million and $100 million in bets from one side to the other.

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